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Rape  Prosecution  Trumps  Avvo  10

BLOG No. 13 ~ Danford Duncan Grant  :: Avvo 10 Lawyer is Arrested and Indicted ~ Is He A Serial Rapist? ~ The right attorney makes the difference

blog by Gary L. Wolfstone

A Tragic Day for the Legal Profession ~ Avvo 10, Order of the Coif

WELCOME TO GARY WOLFSTONE'S BLOG 13 ~ Danford Grant is now facing prosecution for seven major felonies. If convicted of First Degree Rape and First Degree Burgulary, he will probably spend the remainder of his life behind bars. Mr. Grant enjoys the "Avvo 10" web site rating. According to Avvo.com, Danford is a "superb" lawyer.

   Danford makes bail and joins a wife and family at home. Danford has retained one of the most respected criminal defense lawyers in Seattle; his legal fees will probably approach $100,000. In the opinion of the prosecuting attorney, the evidence is strong enough to warrant a finding of "Probable Cause" ... The "Avvo 10" score doesn't help much now. If guilty and if convicted, this man will face a total collapse of a successful career, despite his maximum rating by Avvo.com Hopefully, a convicted Danford would never walk free again. Below is the photo on the internet of Danford's image and a police sketch of Danford before he was arrested. Media coverage has brought these photos into the public domain.

  Mr. Grant's lawfirm has expelled him. Avvo.com still lists him with a "Avvo 10."

C l i c k    T o    F o l l o w

Postscript ~ May 19, 2014
Danford Grant entered into a plea bargain with the prosecutor and was sentenced. He plead guilty to five rapes (3rd degree rape, thereby avoiding the indeterminate sentencing board) and one burgulary and was sentenced to 25 years in prison with the likelihood that he will be released on parole in 15 years with good behavior. It is unclear whether he will retain his "Avvo 10" score, but his brief-writing skills will undoubtedly serve him well in prison.

Postscript ~ June 13, 2014
Danford Grant has resigned from the Washington State Bar Association in lieu of discipline. Apparently he signed his resignation two days before his May 19th sentencing. According to WSBA documents, Mr. Grant violated at least two separate rules for lawyers by engaging in criminal conduct and in acts involving moral turpitude and/or unjustified acts of assault and/or acts reflecting disregard for the rule of law. Reportedly, Danford Grant also paid the WSBA $1,000 to cover expenses related to the formal complaint against him. "I understand that, after my resignation becomes effective, it is permanent," Mr. Grant wrote in his resignation form. "I will never be eligible to apply and will not be considered for admission or reinstatement to the practice of law nor will I be eligible for admission for any limited practice of law."


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