Agnetha Faltskog
The Winner Takes It All

An Essay by Gary L. Wolfstone, J.D.

Agnetha Faltskog has a gift from heaven ~ her magnificent voice. The song The Winner Takes It All strikes the heart like a bolt of lightning. She lives in Sweden today where she was born in 1950. Agnetha wrote her first song (Two Little Trolls) when she was six years old, and she started taking piano lessons in 1958. Her debut album (Agnetha Faltskog) was released by CBS in 1968. She topped the Swedish music charts.

She met Bjorn Ulvaeus in 1969 to whom she was married until 1979 ~ the failue of their marriage inspired Ulvaeus to write The Winner Takes It All ~ A tour de force for the fair and lovely Agnetha! I am sorry for the end of Agnetha's marriage, but in this age when marriages do evaporate in front of our eyes like a handful of seafoam, I am happy for the birth of the song! I have listened to Agnetha's rendition of many beautiful songs, but there is no equal to The Winner Takes It All.

Another byproduct of Agnetha's friendship and romance with Ulvaeus was the formation of ABBA including Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Benny Andersson, with whom Ulvaeus had already written songs. Agnetha was the most successful solo artist of the four ABBA members before and during the band's career.

The within photograph is nearly perfect. Agnetha's pose is musing, her hair is soft and radiant, and her blue eyes capture the depth of her talent. I am grateful to the Agnetha Faltskog Gallery for publishing this fabulous photo and the opportunity to review it!

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