Appoint Gary Wolfstone as U.S. Ambassador to Finland


Meet Mr. Wolfstone


A Formula for World Peace
Finland is a Safe Harbor for both America and Russia

GREETINGS PRESIDENTS TRUMP AND PUTIN: President Trump and President Putin now have an historic opportunity to "normalize" relations between America and Russia. The best analogy for this re-set is viewing Finland as a safe harbor or meeting ground between America and Russia.

   I am seeking the Ambassadorship to Finland on behalf of the United States, and I am confident that I can help both America and Russia to normalize their relationship. I am married to a Finnish nurse who is both a United States citizen and a Finnish citizen. My wife has extensive family living in Finland. I have studied the Finnish language at the University of Helsinki and I am familiar with the Finnish culture.

   Political scientists refer to Finland as a country with the longest border among Western nations with Russia who peacefully co-exists and co-operates with Russia when common interests are at stake. Finland and Russia have differences of opinion, but Mr. Putin travels to Helsinki whenever called upon to make the journey and inevitably reaches an accord with the Finnish government on vital issues. There is no reason why the United States cannot have the same cordial relationship with Mr. Putin's Kremlin. Hence, my terminology "the Finlandization of America."

   If America and Russia embark upon a new era of collaboration, these two equally great nations can ensure economic stability and world peace. Terrorism will be crushed and forever eliminated with this new collaboration. The United States is now and will always be a democracy and Russia will continue to be managed by a strong leader like Putin, but Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin can strike a deal that will promote a century of peace for America and Russia and all other nations who are willing to underwrite this goal.

   I am confident that I would serve our country with great pride and integrity in my role as United States Ambassador to Finland, and I would be honored to serve during this time of rebuilding a collaborative approach to problem solving. Mr. Trump: I am available for any necessary vetting. We are facing an historical window of opportunity!


Respectfully, Gary L. Wolfstone, Helsinki, Finland